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Negotiating with the European Union. Volume III - Preparing the external environment of negotiation
Negotiating with the European Union. Volume III - Preparing the external environment of negotiation
Preț 24 lei
[ carte epuizată ]
ISBN 973-590-918-9
An apariție 2003
Nr. de pagini 205
Format 17x24
Culoare interior negru
Legătorie broșat
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Limba română
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      This volume was conceived from the perspective of the overall preparation for accession to the EU. Complexity in results and approaches of the negotiation process have determined specific attention for the behaviour and impact of the external decisions on the progress in accession negotiations.

      The interrelation between the external and internal environment is evi­dent. In the negotiation process, the complexity of Romania's decisions grows exponentially, especially in the context of a series of major domestic actors with increased external credibility when issuing opinions. These are taken into account by foreign analysis environments when assessing Romania's devel­opments, aspirations and objectives in the process of accession to the EU. Every decision, every step or gesture, not only of the negotiator or the negotia­tion team, but of all the Romanian representatives, have echoes in the internal and external plan. For sure, we cannot ignore the communication with the Member States and other candidate countries, but also with the European public opinion and its perceptions on the role and capabilities of Romania.

      In this respect, the differentiations in the characteristics of foreign ac­tors with which Romania gets into contact in the negotiation process with the EU constituted some of the main reasons for which this volume was focused on the distinct direction of preparing the external environment of negotiation (reports and presentations, statements at conferences organised by external factors, whether academic or political, diplomatic, economic). Furthermore, I think this volume will represent one more source for documentation and re­search, a new instrument of analysis and assessment of Romania's behaviour in negotiating the accession to the EU, as well as a significant attitude guiding mark, not reactive, but especially pro-active, in the European and interna­tional plan.

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