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The Economicity. The Epistemic Landscape
The Economicity. The Epistemic Landscape
Preț 35 lei
Autor Marin Dinu
ISBN 978-973-709-720-0
An apariție 2016
Nr. de pagini 302
Format 17x24
Legătorie broșat
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Limba engleză

A view on Economics fundamentals is an ongoing challenge, with breakthroughs and setbacks consistent with the theoretical and practical experience of Mankind. From the husbandry of Antiquity to the management of yield-generating transactions of tangibles and non-tangibles, Economics has shaped its double, i.e. actional and epistemic, state into the dynamic structure of sociality.

Like any other path in humanisation, its natural sense being to realise cohabitation rules, economic action and reflection were interlocked, first in spontaneous formulas/ expressions, detached from the body of Natural Philosophy, then freestanding, once wealth papers have seen the light of day.

The idea of economicity emerged in an experience-rich area delineated by the bright Late Renaissance and the glowing early rationalist Enlightenment. Its key is the human climate. Imagining economicity as an animated landscape, describing the prominences, the precipices, the ditches, the grates, the sites, the ruins, the extensions, the roads, the flows, the atmosphere, the cycles, the seasons, the ages, etc. is what this book intends to reveal.

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